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Privacy Policy

You have our reassurance that upon visiting, you are doing so anonymously and all information is acquired directly by Supremesoft Corporation also, personal information will not be handled publically and each customer and visitor is guaranteed the right to privacy; between you and us.

We gather your contact information directly whenever you wish to give input or make specific comments about our company. You have a choice whether to give any information to us or not. Information is collected for our personal use and is not given out or handled in any other way. Depending upon your request or input, we will provide sufficient justification as to why we need it. Also, when you email us, certain information is required so that we may reply back to you with our response. Contact information is only acquired when submitted and is not obligatory upon visiting our website.

Information about you and information on the majority of our site is never handled publically and not given out or sold to any other businesses. However, if your desires require the assistance of another company, we will only discuss your needs and information as necessary to successfully accomplish what needs to be done. When providing our reasoning of why your contact information is necessary, we may inform you that your information submitted will be shared with another company or a third party with which we have a relationship with. However, all data and information will still be kept private and will not leak out to anywhere else.

The use of sensitive personal data will not always be mandatory. Most sensitive personal data required is used under “My SSI”. Examples of sensitive personal data consist of social security number, race, ethnicity, political opinions, personality, interests and hobbies, personal identity numbers, profession, origin, physical and mental health, sexual life, and any criminal activities (including your criminal record).

You have the right to know whether we possess information about you, and if so, to be accessible and allowed to be changed for correction. You may inquire about this by sending us an email.

Any data we hold is always a concern to us and therefore, we take the proper steps to keep it private and secured. You have a right to privacy and Supremesoft will uphold that.

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