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Legacy Code Transformation
Legacy code transformation is a platform independent intermediate model to improve design, performance and maintainability before platform specific code is generated. Unified Modeling Language (UML) documentation is generated to fully document the legacy system as well as the modernized system into platform specific C++, J2EE/Java, C#, etc.

Supremesoft’s Legacy Code Transformation Services will guide you through the process for rejuvenating your existing application portfolio, which has the potential of reducing maintenance costs up to 50%.

Supremesoft Services
Supremesoft is guiding several IT industries with legacy code transformation. Supremesoft is committed to delivering a remodeled business flow with greater efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Main features of our Legacy Code Transformation Services:
  • Increase Efficiency:
    Supremesoft will reduce unnecessary code, introduce new methodologies, create a efficient architecture and document system configuration and requirements

  • Application Renovation to Increase Business Flow Efficiency:
    With the help of the application renovation service, you can renovate application components over time and more easily recombine them to solve new business challenges. Application renovation can also increase application development responsiveness to business needs, and can help you to adapt more dynamically to new market opportunities

  • Cost Reduction:
    Our services will help reduce maintenance cost for the application and lower process related costs

  • Web-Enabling Applications:
    The Web Enablement service uses portlets to help your company modernize legacy application interfaces and mid-tier applications to leverage legacy functions. The increased flexibility and usability of Web-enabled legacy applications can help your company optimize business relationships and improve internal collaboration.
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