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Supremesoft has successfully implemented numerous client projects using a variety of project development models. Supremesoft firmly believes that by putting Project Management into practice, companies can achieve the best results and reduce any risks associated with projects. Project Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Supremesoft partners with clients to provide solutions that address their project management needs and help complete the project deadlines by using the right methodology that focuses on flexibility, scalability, process and quality.

Supremesoft verifies that each phase is completed in a manner that sets the foundation for the next phase. Our dedicated project team manages a project from inception through implementation and also provides post-implementation maintenance assistance.

Supremesoft provides the most experienced and PMP certified project managers to handle and lead the team. Our project managers are well-versed in IT project execution.

Supremesoft is flexible in the way a project is phased. Some clients prefer to have a rigid process while others like some room for flexibility. Supremesoft takes into consideration the client’s perspective regarding the project and collaborates closely with the client on creating a consensus.

In addition Supremesoft deploys developers and testers as well as experienced Subject Matter Experts, Architects, Data Analysts, System Administrators, and Business Analysts on every project. The project management team works closely with the client throughout the project strategy development, execution and production, including development the scope of the project, identifying deliverables, setting deadlines and establishing functional roles. Our workforce uses a variety of project management tools and checklists. The project management team also collaborates with the client to reconcile the various aspects like cost, scheduling, etc., to help achieve a common goal.

Supremesoft follows many steps to ensure that the project execution is smooth. A few are highlighted here:
  1. Evaluate the existing practices and suggest ways to improve it. Supremesoft also incorporates the best practices from the existing system.
  2. Supremesoft makes sure that the right resources that are needed for the project are provided and help in identifying and resolving potential threats.
  3. To stay on schedule, Supremesoft personnel monitor the progress of the project very closely and take corrective actions immediately in case of any problems.
  4. Supremesoft believes that focus on clarity in business requirements an objectives, project management plan, change control procedure, configuration management procedure, communication, status reviews are critical to the successful completion of a project.
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