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Integrated Tracking System (ITS)

Today we have a highly mobile, global workforce that transcends geographic boundaries and borders. Budget cuts, resource constraints, need for specialized skills among others are factors driving many executives to cross borders in order to find answers to their most pressing business problems. Obtaining and filing visa applications, forms and documents, however, for work-related immigration are as tedious as ever and have not evolved at the same pace as business.

ITS is a tool for multipurpose tracking. This tool tracks values and allows calculations to be made based on user set parameters. In addition, the system has a variety of important features that enables users to develop and analyze measurable values through statistical reports.

Today, we are well and truly global citizens. Expanding businesses and loosening visa regimes have created a workforce without borders. This has resulted in a substantial increase in the professionals traveling to US from various countries. A niche product, ITS addresses the immigration tracking issues that organizations face. Divided into three modules namely, immigration, marketing, and accounting, ITS provides an integration of all these details in a single solution. ITS is definitely a boon for Human Resource Departments for tracking and updating the details of the immigrants.

  • Immigration Module: A module within ITS, the Immigration module keeps track and maintains up-to-date information on employee’s immigration details. The database carries complete information right from Passport Details to visa expiry date of the onsite employee/consultant. This easy to use module allows quick access to information under the Compliance of Federal Regulation act. The module also provides a reminder service to file paperwork with local and federal government on a case by case basis for each employee.
  • HR Module: This module keeps track of all the information on the immigrant employees/consultants once they are on board. This is a single solution that will have all the employee history and details of the employee right from the date of employment. Apart from this, the module provides easy access to client information and contact details. A must have for all HR departments in this thriving business environment.
  • Accounting Module: The accounting module is a single source of information and provides details pertaining to all the expenses borne by the organization on behalf of each employee. The module will track all the expenses of the employee like salary details, reimbursements, travel expenses, et al. This module will also facilitate easier calculation of sick leaves, overtime and holidays. This is a single solution for issuance of reimbursements as well.
  • A single source of all visiting employee related information
  • An easy and time saving solution for information access for federal agencies
  • Classified into three modules to meet the demands of different departments.
  • Each of these modules is exclusive of each other, but facilitates easy access to data.
Brochure: Integrated Tracking System(ITS)
A solution to manage global workforce that transcends geographic boundaries and borders.
  ITS Brochure
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