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The ubiquitous mobile telephone is quickly becoming a misnomer as advancements in technology pack more capabilities into increasingly smaller packages. Mobile devices are continually shifting away from being just a tool for voice communication to more of a remote access device.

Supremesoft often uses mobile technology as the solution for enhancing productivity of several clients.

Mobile Gateway
Supremesoft created a flexible interface that allowed our client to access enterprise applications through a mobile device at anytime and anywhere a wireless connection is possible. The interface was developed to support all wireless media (Blackberry, Palm PDAs, and Windows Mobile SmartPhones and PDAs) and featured many capabilities, including:
  • Load balancing software to increase reliability and robustness;
  • Streaming video support to access video tutorials through mobile devices;
  • Remote access by administrators to create and update FAQ’s; and,
  • Enable user to create ad-hoc reports that could be convert to various formats and emailed to other users.
Mobile Dashboard
Supremesoft also created a mobile dashboard interface as a plug in application for existing wireless applications available to the client. The purpose of the application was to support executives in making decisions remotely by displaying key data from multiple databases in a visually understandable format. Once the user makes a decision based on these dashboards, he has the option of emailing the decision and dashboard screenshots to any other employee.

Mobile and Web-Based MyTools
Supremesoft developed a solution for another client that provided relevant data and notifications uniquely based on the employee’s role and authorizations level. A wealth of data, including HR-related information, was accessible using the Web or a mobile device. Additional features included task reminders, export, format conversion, and email capabilities. The client’s HR department experienced a dramatic reduction in telephone inquiries.

Supremesoft created an alerts and informatics system that minimized project transition issues. Alerts received for the latest relevant results are based on the violation of a business rule. Informatics studies the structure, behavior and interaction of systems which store, process and communicate information. It develops its own foundations and has computational, cognitive and social aspects. This combination of informatics and alerts makes the process more efficient and reliable.

Alerts send notifications to all users who are part of or have subscribed to a particular set of alerts in a network. They are also used to keep the user updated with events and news as well as upcoming team deadlines.

These alerts are delivered via E-Mail, Wireless or Web and are maintained in an alert mailbox attached to the Early Alert Notification Dashboard.

The alert can also be received as a report or a digest, or as an email or a SMS.

The alert system also has an acknowledgement feature that will generate alerts periodically until the recipient has acknowledged it.

The Alerts also have a dynamic subscription and subscriber feature.

Employee Organization Tools
The Company’s new intranet portal provides personalized information about the services available for inquiries, services about their accounts. By enabling its employees gets a wide range of new and personalized services online, including special offers, recent statements, and the ability to submit timesheets online/ submit blog.

It has proven very popular with customers, who are now more likely to use the portal for various services offered by Supremesoft. Supremesoft implemented this to avoid paper services and reduce the time and material involved in the entire process. This move of Supremesoft made it feel Excellent for the employees as it was a much needed intranet portal for its employees. The main motivation was that employees were very comfortable using the Internet to interact with such services.

Supremesoft has cut call-center traffic by 40 to 50 percent—reducing its cost base while improving its loyalty and satisfaction.

Supremesoft developed a web-based site similar to Facebook & Orkut but limited to an organization that enables collaboration among employees in multiple locations.

An authorized employee can create an eXchange zone (aliased as groups) where zone members can post messages to fellow members. This Zone also has many other features like blogging where in they can discuss about the projects and even publish their findings. If Multiple Zone Members are simultaneously available online, those members can send instant messages and get the work done in more efficient way.

The eXchange site also has features of uploading and downloading resource files in order to expedite employee’s work.

The application features tracking user responses and linking to the correct eXchange zone for auditing purposes.

Generic Command Center
All Mid-size & Large organizations have Command Centers wherein they perform key business tasks. When such Commands Centers are in operation, various tasks need to be recorded. So the Generic Command Center needs to capture minute-by-minute details. The GCC as it is called allows the assigned personnel to write minutes of the meeting and link that to the data associated with that meeting. Any attendee of the meeting can access these meeting minutes as long as they are marked public. If the notes or meeting minutes are marked private, then only the author would be able to view them.

GCC allows a subset of users to have a view of the command center with access to scheduled activities at appropriate locations in a single calendar-like screen. Meetings scheduled in Outlook will be automatically picked up by this application and conflicts, if any, will be alerted to the meeting organizers. This GCC also facilitates scheduling future meetings for certain business conditions based on the outcome of the current meetings.

Pre-Site Automation
Every organization has various applications that run on an enormous amount of business processes. These business rules change at such a rapid pace on some occasions that updating them in the applications becomes a tedious process. Supremesoft came up with a solution of building a rule engine that runs outside the application wherein the authorized user can modify business rules without affecting the core application or the business.

This application initiates the automation process for the entire Presite cycle by taking care of the Presite document request module, which is a subset of the entire Presite automation. This application is driven by the Windows Workflow Foundation. The state of document can be easily monitored using Workflow Monitors.

Data Exchange and Monitoring System (DXMS)
DXMS is a Java/J2EE based web tool that heavily utilizes Web-Services technology and acts as a communication layer between external and internal sources and retrieves data for multiple applications. The key features of DXMS include data exchange, monitoring, scheduling, and reporting. For instance, the current data provider from another organization provides real time data in the form of web services which is retrieved by DXMS and saved in the database that resides on the client’s server. Eventually, a dashboard application uses this data to display information in the form of bar diagrams and pie charts. The DXMS here works as a facilitator for the dashboard and other such applications.
Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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