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CRM and ERP Solutions
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps organizations manage the customer relationships in an organized way and achieve its overall mission. It also helps understand and anticipate the needs of current and future customers. Supremesoft focuses mainly on customer centric models that are to sustain profitability and steady growth. Profit centric models provide short term benefits, but the customer centric model leads and paves way for a successful growth.

A CRM application is not just about managing customer information but also understanding customer behavior. It allows the company to efficiently manage the relationship with customers at every stage. Feedback from customers is given first priority when implementing and integrating a CRM system. It helps Supremesoft connect all the different processes with an organization into one customer centric process. Providing clients with best quality IT professionals not only helps finish the job on time and within budget, but it also keeps our clients focused on their mission. CRM software enhances an organization’s effectiveness by reducing the operating costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) helps integrate all functions and departments in a company into a unified system. This vanquishes the old system wherein each department or division has its own system and replaces it with a common unified system divided into software modules. The two key components are a common database and a modular software design.

Our approach to ERP includes investigating the key business drivers or forces, analyzing requirements, developing the project plan, selecting the right package to meet client needs, and tailoring it to get the winning formula. Since an ERP system requires significant investment in time and money, Supremesoft focuses on getting the client the most appropriate system possible. Supremesoft consultants are certified in the respective fields and have deep experience in ERP. Supremesoft helps the client improve his existing ERP system or implement a new system to meet the rising demands of the public. Supremesoft’s breadth of industry experience includes Human Resources, Finance & Cost Accounting, Business Intelligence and Business Warehouse. Our consultants provide end-to-end service to our clients—from implementation to maintenance of the ERP system. They also assist in testing, migration and re-engineering.

ERP solutions are effective in streamlining business processes across various functions, thereby decreasing the effort required for processing complex mission-essential tasks.

Supremesoft uses a combination of ERP and CRM tools and applications like SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, MS Dynamics, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing (Informatica & ETL), ACT, Sales Force Automation and Customer Support & Services in the form of a 24x7 call center to ensure that cater to customer needs.

Supremesoft’s ERP and CRM solutions are based on:
  1. Providing integrated solutions for each client’s ERP & CRM needs
  2. Highly responsive customer service
  3. 24x7 software support for mission-critical software
  4. Creating budget friendly solutions
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Technology Capability
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