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Application Development
Since 1995, Supremesoft has been helping its clients achieve results by identifying process challenges and implementing innovative customized solutions to increase profits, maximize productivity, reduce costs and increase reliability. We not only understand the need for state-of-the-art technology solutions, but have a proven record of excellence in providing customized alternatives to meet the dynamic needs of our customer.

We provide end-to-end services, from requirements gathering to application design, development, implementation and maintenance. Our solutions are designed to take advantage of the interactive networking and document interfacing technologies of the future and to ensure a dramatic reduction in the cost of application maintenance and enhancement.

Custom Software Solutions and Methodology
Methodology for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) documents policies, processes and procedures and practice of software engineering created and used by all teams in a project, especially development

The introduction of a new methodology or the revision of an existing one to keep pace with the changes in the IT sector can create uncertainty. It is important, however, to choose the right methods and steps and follow the critical path.

Each company often has its own unique software methodology, including Supremesoft. However, our methodology is innately flexible to accommodate each client. Following are the basic components of our methodology.

   Project Management  

Supremesoft has a proven capability to initiate, plan, execute and control all aspects of the projects of varying complexity and scope. Supremesoft partners with clients to provide solutions that address their project management needs and help complete the project deadlines by using the right methodology that focuses on flexibility, scalability, process and quality. Our project management section (on the website) elaborates all details about Supremesoft’s project management capabilities. We have PMP certified project managers who have the experience and expertise to handle each project.

Learn more about Supremesoft Project Management Services.

   Requirements Analysis  

It is the process of determining user expectations for a product. Supremesoft believes that analyzing client requirements is the key to a successful project. Supremesoft performs proper and full requirements gathering, visualization and analysis to ensure that there is no divergence between the product and the intent by vigorously collecting, documenting and validating requirements. Supremesoft has a dedicated team of business analysts who study client needs and collaborate on defining requirements—a very important base of the base of the design. Any failure to obtain accurate and complete business requirements can lead to poor application design and development. Supremesoft focuses on providing the proper level of attention in completing this critical step.

   Systems Analysis  

Systems are analyzed using workflow diagrams, data flow diagrams and entity relationship diagrams to achieve common understanding and clarity in communication and documentation. The Supremesoft team uses all available tools for this immensely importance step. Every single detail is studied and analyzed to ensure smooth flow of process activity. This will help eliminate confusion and provide a clear and concise summary to new resources in the project.

   Interface design & Implementation

The User Interface (UI) can be critical to the success or failure of a project. Supremesoft has dedicated UI designers who understand all aspects of the flow of user interaction and design intuitive user interfaces and interactivity. Supremesoft considers the UI as an important part of an application and takes measures to ensure a smooth and consistent experience for users. It eliminates all unnecessary obstacles in the path and makes the user experience a pleasant and memorable one.

   Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing is imperative in software development. It is one of the last stages in the development cycle and is of immense importance to successful deployment. Testing must ensure quality and cost-effectiveness to provide a good return on investment over the long run. Once developed, the various components are integrated and rigorously tested as a complete solution. Supremesoft has the ability to test the software product user-friendliness, its stability, security and its adherence to functional and performance requirements among others. Application behavior is compared with required specifications to identify and correct deviations. Our testing workforce extensively makes use of standard testing practices including white-box testing, black-box testing, automated tests, test scripts, system testing and integration testing. Supremesoft ensures that all standards like ISO, Six Sigma, etc., are met and the client has a reliable and high quality product that provides the advantage expected by the client.

Learn more about Supremesoft Quality Assurance & Testing Services.

   Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer has an important role to play in the software methodology. Supremesoft puts that into practice throughout the life cycle of the project. This is not an isolated process as it is used throughout the life cycle right from the beginning of the project to the deployment. Supremesoft enables businesses to impart effective and efficient skills and techniques to employees so that they make use of the new technology in their job. This will help companies leverage their technological advantage to meet their goals. Within Supremesoft, our workforce share relevant knowledge to ensure that all tasks are well understood by each individual in the team and performed to the best of their abilities.

   Gap Analysis

As the word “Gap” suggests, we need to bridge the difference between actual and potential performance. Gap Analysis does exactly that. Supremesoft performs gap analysis to accurately describe and model the differences between the “As-Is” and “To-Be” systems to ensure accurately directed development. Supremesoft follows the simple procedure of identifying gaps, studying them in the light of the project and assessing their impact on the project and finally taking relevant steps to bridge the gap. Gap analysis makes sure that desired features are implemented on the existing project at a low cost. This also serves as a feedback mechanism and eliminates errors and mistakes which may prove costly for a project if detected at a later stage.

   Change Management

It is a systematic approach to dealing with change both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level. Given an increasingly demanding constituency, IT change is unavoidable. Unfortunately, so is the unplanned downtime that results from poorly implemented changes. The impact of poor change is felt by the customer, and ultimately affects shareholder value.

Track changes to the IT environment at the right level of detail. That’s the thinking behind Supremesoft’s Change Management solution. It lets businesses put a much tighter focus on what’s being changed, who’s making the change, and how changes will impact resources and users. Keeping all this in mind, Supremesoft uses a set of processes to ensure that changes are properly documented and managed to minimize the impact, avoid any errors and eliminate resource conflicts. Our processes also track changes and allow seamless deployment. Various features such as defect tracking, process automation, reporting, and lifecycle traceability enable better insight, predictability and control of software and systems development.

   Support and Maintenance

Supremesoft has a proven and effective maintenance program for the life-cycle of software that it develops for its customers. Supremesoft also develops and tailors its support & maintenance program for new customers, as well as for their legacy products and solutions provided by other IT companies.

Clients receive timely upgrades, enhancements, improved functionality, and compliance with new industry standards.

Supremesoft’s technical support team professionals embrace their charge to serve the needs of the customers—to support business processes and maximize investment in software solutions—with unwavering dedication. This commitment to customer service is reflected each and every day when the Supremesoft support staff goes the extra mile to ensure problem-free initial software installation, day-to-day operations support or an application upgrade. Clients receive high-quality, comprehensive technical expertise through the life cycle of the product while maintaining the high level of efficiency that comes with working with Supremesoft.

Software maintenance and support includes:
  • Timely and efficient problem resolution from highly qualified technical staff
  • Direct access to experienced consultants
  • Flexible 24 X 7 service
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