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Real-Time User Interface Generation
Transaction interfaces can be generated in real-time based on the context and specific application functionality requested. This is optimized for each access.

Supremesoft’s Mobile Services also separates the specifics of the presentation technology from information to be presented to the end-user. The technology supports evolutionary upgrade of the user experience retrospectively on an existing application.

Application Rule Engine
Supremesoft’s Mobile Services enables customization of the user experience without expending effort to revise codes. For example, certain transactions can be selectively enabled or disabled based on security vulnerability of the recipient mobile device.

Mobile Multi-Mode Adaption
Supremesoft’s Mobile Services abstracts the specific mode of mobile access from application functionality. An application, once integrated by Supremesoft’s Mobile Services, can be consumed across modes - thin client, downloadable clients, interactive voice response and other modes such as widgets. Independent development effort need not be expended for deployment of service through a specific mode.

Custom Made Applications
Supremesoft’s Mobile Services builds custom applications for the clients for devices like iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, J2ME, Brew, Symbian etc. Applications are easy to use and require low maintenance.

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Technology Capability
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