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Supremesoft consultants are highly skilled professionals with extensive knowledge about industry benchmarks, best practices and methodologies. Our expertise lies in providing superior architectural solutions using state of the art design patterns and frameworks. Supremesoft provides end-to-end Solution Architecture for addressing complex business problems requiring usage of multiple and cost effective technologies. Supremesoft has the capabilities to capture and customize the needs of the business in order to streamline the urgent requirements through strategic architecture design and processes.

Presentation Tier: The application tier consists of user-facing entities such as thin and thick clients, web services, mobile clients and web pages. It has well designed and user friendly UI. The separation of this tier from the rest of the application ensures that the UI can be designed and developed by graphic and UI designers without too many dependencies on other tiers such as the business tier and the data tier. A new presentation way (for example, a mobile client) can be developed without any changes to the business or data tier.

Business Tier: The business tier contains all the business logic that runs the application. It contains a workflow engine that models key business processes and supplies the information needed for presentation to the application tier. It also enforces the rules and methods by which business objects are accessed or updated.

Data Tier: The data tier contains all the data persistence of the application. It provides the business tier with the means to access the data in an easy, secure and controlled manner. The data is stored in a normalized relational database with backup facilities.

Workflow Engine: The workflow engine runs the core of the business logic. It accurately models the workflow of business processes and is responsible for maintaining the state of various business entities. The visual representation of the workflow makes it easier for business users to understand the code. Separating the business workflow from other components makes it easier to make changes.

Rules Engine: The rules engine accurately models the various business rules in place in an easy to read manner. It makes it easy for the business analysts to read and validate the business rules in place in the application. Also, the rules engine enables making the various changes needed in the business rules with zero or minimum impact on other components of the system.

Reporting Engine:The reporting engine extracts the information needed from the data tier, processes it and presents it in a user friendly manner. Enterprise reports and ad-hoc reports can be dynamically generated by the reporting engine.

Web Services:Web services are used to communicate with software running at other places in an automated manner to get and receive information in a fast way. Web services provide a loosely coupled way of communication between entities and can go through most firewalls and hence can be deployed over the internet.

Supremesoft delivers:
  • Solution architecture covering conceptual, application, data, technological, and deployment architecture views
  • Technical risks and mitigation strategies
  • Architecture principles, guidelines, standards, and best practices
  • Implementation roadmap
Service-Oriented Architecture
The benefits of IT flexibility cannot be delivered from a technological point of view alone. It requires a service oriented environment. Service is paramount. The web services paradigm is a collection of modular, dynamic, self-contained protocols, standards and applications used for exchanging data over a network. Supremesoft uses Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to help customers move applications from the core of the enterprise to the edge, leading to business benefits such as:
  • Seamless interaction with business partners and customers
  • Building service oriented applications
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs
  • Improved operational visibility
  • Tapping new business models
Supremesoft has proven its expertise in providing Web Services using state-of-the-art technologies such as BEA WebLogic, WebSphere, SunOne, .NET, Oracle 10g, and Tomcat.

Framework Definition
Supremesoft helps clients to define Universal Application Framework on which multiple applications can be built faster and consistently. Supremesoft provides Universal Application Framework Architecture and Design (UAFAD) that translates common usage patterns among multiple applications into software framework consisting of extensible services and components with well-defined interfaces.
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Technology Capability
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