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Cloud Computing
Supremesoft helps clients migrate their application to the cloud using the right set of tools and methodologies. Supremesoft also has a deep rooted understanding of the history of cloud computing models such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Supremesoft also provides services to clients with developing and deploying new applications for the cloud. Supremesoft possesses expertise in wide variety of cloud offerings, such as the following:
  • Public Cloud, where in an application is hosted on a third party provider wherein the resources are shared and billed according to the usage.
  • Community Cloud, a scenario in which several organizations have same requirement and are willing to share infrastructure in return greater privacy and security
  • Hybrid Cloud, which consists of integrated clouds and has the advantages of both Public and Community Clouds.
Supremesoft offers the following services.
  • Cloud Advisory Services
    • Identify appropriate target state for each application
    • Propose the appropriate Cloud Service that would have a low TCO
  • Cloud Migration Services
    • Supremesoft has executed vast migration projects in which it has handled large engagements, wide variety of technologies, implemented end-to-end solution including architecture definition, which will also apply to the migration service to cloud. [Link to Legacy Code]
  • Cloud Development Services
    • Supremesoft has had a great experience in Application Development [link to App Dev]. While designing an application for the cloud, Supremesoft takes in to all the aspects like architecture, design principles that suit well with cloud computing.
  • Cloud Management Services
    • Supremesoft has a proven and effective maintenance program for the life-cycle of the software that it develops for its customers. Supremesoft also develops and tailors the Support & maintenance program for new customers, for their legacy products and solutions that were provided by other solution providers in the cloud.
Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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