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For smooth functioning of process and projects, alert and informatics are very important. Alerts are updates received for the latest relevant results based on the violation of a business rule .They are used to keep the user up to date with the news, helps keep tab on team deadlines and get latest on events etc. Informatics studies the structure, behavior and interaction of systems which store, process and communicate information. It develops its own foundations and has computational, cognitive and social aspects. This combination of informatics and alerts makes the process more efficient and foolproof.

Alerts is an application designed to send early alert notifications to all users who are part of or have subscribed to a particular set of alerts in a network. It keeps them informed of the latest developments, makes them aware of their tasks and helps in decision making. These alerts are delivered via E-Mail, Wireless or Web and are maintained in an alert mailbox attached to the Early Alert Notification Dashboard. The alert can also be received as a report or a digest, or as an email or a SMS. The alert system also has an acknowledgement feature that will generate alerts periodically until the recipient has acknowledged it. The Alerts also have a dynamic subscription and subscriber feature.
Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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