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Employee Organization Tools
The Company’s new intranet portal provides personalized information about the services available for enquiries, services about their accounts. It has proven very popular with customers, who are now more likely to use the portal for various services offered by the Supremesoft.

Supremesoft implemented this to avoid paper services and reduce the time and material involved in the entire process, This move of Supremesoft made it feel Excellent for the employees as it was a much needed intranet portal for its employees. The main motivation was that employees were very comfortable using the Internet to interact with such services. By enabling its employees gets a wide range of new and personalized services online, including special offers, recent statements, and the ability to submit timesheets online/ submit blog. Supremesoft has cut call-center traffic by 40 to 50 percent—reducing its cost base while improving its loyalty and satisfaction.

This new employee portal provides with an alternative to employees with Supremesoft’s call-center based Timesheet
Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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