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Gateway on Wireless
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Desktop Extender
Wireless applications have become very essential for every person in the organization as also for the organization as a whole. Chunk of data or information is not useful to people who are on the move. They need customized data and event notifications that only apply to them so that they can perform their duties efficiently.

This solution displays relevant information in the format that the user would like to view it in. The data is filtered based on their roles and authorizations. Customized notifications are also sent to the employees. The application also scans the Human resource database and displays the organization chart listing those personnel who report to this person. This feature helps the employee to directly contact them instead of enquiring from the HR Department frequently. The information that is displayed in web & wireless media can be exported to PDF and Excel format also. Information can be emailed to wireless devices and reminders can be set to complete a task.

Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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