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Gateway on Wireless
Supremesoft developed a wireless interface for the various solutions that are available on the Web. This solution has been developed in a way that it can support most of the wireless media like Blackberry, Palm PDAs, Windows Mobile Smartphone’s and PDA. Gateway on wireless was so user-friendly and had various useful functionalities such as accessing important documents; phone numbers that were needed for the successful operation of the business, the solution also has advance options like load balancing the traffic depending on the number of users using a load balancer thereby making it more reliable and robust.

The solution also various abilities like streaming video tutorials to mobile devices. The administrators can create/update FAQ’s from the mobile devices thus increasing the efficiency of the users. The solution also has a feature for creating ad-hoc reports that each user wants. This Ad-hoc Report generator tool also has options of exporting and converting to various formats like PDF, CSV and directly emailing them to other people.

Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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