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Generic Command Center
Generic Command Center
All Mid-size & Large organizations have Command Centers wherein they perform key business tasks. When such Commands Centers are in operation, various tasks need to be recorded. So the Generic Command Center needs to capture minute-by-minute details. The GCC as it is called allows the assigned personnel to write minutes of the meeting and link that to the data associated with that meeting. Any attendee of the meeting can access these meeting minutes as long as they are marked public. If the notes or meeting minutes were marked private, then only the author would be able to view them.

GCC allows a subset of users to have a view of the command center with access to scheduled activities at appropriate locations in a single calendar-like screen. Meetings scheduled in Outlook will be automatically picked up by this application and conflicts, if any, will be alerted to the meeting organizers. This GCC also facilitates scheduling future meetings business conditions based on the outcome of the current meetings.
Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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