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Supremesoft developed a web-based collaborative site specially for employees who can use them to collaborate with other employees of the organization in virtual mode. This collaborative website is similar to Facebook & Orkut but limited to an organization. The aim of the solution was to bring collaboration among the employees in a very big organization spread across the country. An authorized employee can create an eXchange zone (aliased as groups) where zone members can post messages to fellow members. This Zone also has many other features like blogging where in they can discuss about the projects and even publish their findings.

If Multiple Zone Members are simultaneously available online, those members can send instant messages and get the work done in more way that is efficient. eXchange site also has features of uploading and downloading resource files in order to expedite employee’s work. The application features tracking user responses and linking to the correct eXchange zone for auditing purposes.
Technology Capability
Technology Capability
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